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The Rise of Local SEO in Digital Marketing and What It Means for You

In larger cities such as Denver, local search engine optimization is going to be vital to a company’s online success. Even companies that do some or all of their business online will find that local optimization helps them avoid competition and focus on key demographics. Here is a closer look at the benefits of local optimization and how your company can take advantage of this strategy today.

The Basics of Website Optimization

The goal of Denver marketing firms is to drive as much traffic as possible to a website and then make conversions. Conversions change between every single business and can range from contacting the company itself to making a purchase online. In order to make conversions, you must first locate the right traffic and then drive it to your website. This process is often easier said than done, and this is why many have turned to local search engine optimization to simplify their digital marketing campaign.

What Is Local SEO?

At its core, local SEO is targeting one’s marketing efforts at a single community. Instead of looking to attract traffic from around the world, a company is hoping to narrow its scope to a select group of people. With nearly 75 percent of all product/service searches having some form of local context, it is more important than ever to capitalize on these high-quality visitors. This provides a business with a number of great benefits including cheaper PPC campaigns, lower bounce rates on the website, improved conversion rates, and higher rankings on the search engine results pages.

Implementing Local SEO

A firm that is devoted to digital marketing in Denver will often begin this process with a careful look at their client’s online presence. Also referred to as website auditing, this is a comprehensive look at everything from where visitors are coming from to how many people are following the company on social media. Without this data, creating a successful long-term plan of action will be impossible.

The next step is to ensure that the company is on all local registries such as Google+ and Yelp. This will provide the business with high-quality incoming links and better conversion rates. From there, the business will need to focus on local keywords and phrases for better organic rankings, create city-specific content, and consider their options for local PPC campaigns.

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