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Looking for a content-rich, interactive, speaker for your next event?

Patrice Barber, CEO of CXM Digital Marketing Group, is a national speaker and award-winning digital marketing strategist.  She has worked with over 35 Fortune 500 leadership teams, over 550 online marketing clients, and provided workshop, bootcamps, and presentations to over 1,100 entrepreneurs. CXM, a Denver-based inbound marketing firm provides promotional campaigns, monthly content marketing services, and an analytics dashboard to track inbound marketing leads, sales, social media, email marketing and website engagement. Patrice has launched and sold multiple start-ups and is a frequent speaker on inbound marketing at national entrepreneurial events. 

Among her many business and community volunteer efforts, she has served as Colorado State Director for the Cleantech Open; Co-Founder and Chair of Clean Tech Community; COO of TiE Rockies; board advisor for Colorado Office of Economic Development; and member of International Mobile Marketing Business Network and Colorado Companies to Watch, as well as a guest lecturer at University of Denver ’s MBA program. Awards include Colorado Companies to Watch 2011 Nominate; Denver Business Journal – Outstanding Women in Business Nominate 2014.

Patrice is knowledgeable, high energy, warm and fun.
Engage Patrice and she will engage your audience! 


  • Digital Marketing Strategies and Tactics
  • Marketing Automation
  • CRM Integration
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Online PR


  • Professional organizations
  • Business Retreats
  • Entrepreneurial success events
  • Niche or specialty seminars
  • Webinars or Online Programs
  • Teleclasses and other "virtual" presentations
  • Radio shows and podcasts

Presentation Topics

  • Successful Product Launch Strategies
  • Client eXperience Management
  • Marketing Automation for CEO’s
  • Mobile Marketing for the C-Level
  • Colorado Companies Succeeding at Clean Tech
  • Personal Branding
  • Top 3 Traits to Land Your "Purpose Over Paycheck" Position

Successful Product Launch Strategies

Five Steps to a Profitable Product (or Service) Launch
While every product (or service) launch will be slightly different, launch fundamentals remain the same.  This presentation, designed for business owners, CMO's, marketing managers, marketing and business consultants, covers what you need to do before, during and after the initial product launch and provides examples, formats and details in each area.

Key Points

  • Market and Demand Evaluation
  • Messaging and Content
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Target Audiences
  • Value Proposition
  • Thought Leadership
  • Media and Influencer Relations
  • Lead Generation
  • Track, Tweak and Tout

Client eXperience Management

Launching Your CRM to Increase Conversion and Retain Happy Clients


Business owners, IT directors, marketing professionals and sales managers learn the power of a CRM – Customer Relationship Management system. These robust software packages not only store client data, but when selected and used properly, a CRM drives revenues. It enables customer outreach, engagement and tracking; lead generation and prioritization; and effective outbound marketing automation to simultaneously increase productivity and sales and reduce the selling cycle.

Key Points

  • Best practices for CRM selection
  • Strategies to increase executive buy-in and sales team adoption
  • CRM implementation – successes and challenges
  • Use CRM to increase conversion, client loyalty, and upsell and cross sell strategies
  • Monetize and measure ROI
  • Understand how proper CRM usage promotes marketing integration

Marketing Automation for CEO’s

​Implementing Automation to Boost Revenue and Cut Marketing Costs


Do you return from a networking event with a 2 inch stack of business cards on your desk and struggle on how to follow up?  When visitors come to your website, do you know they are there and for how long, who they are, and what was of interest to them? The issue typically is not getting leads, it’s how to influence them to buy.  Discover how to go from 10 steps to just 2 easy steps to a close by using the most current marketing strategies and automated follow up to Convert Contacts to Cash.

Key Points

  • Make your message attract your ideal client
  • Create an irresistible offer
  • Keep potential buyers on your website- longer
  • 5 steps to a follow up system that gets results

Mobile Marketing for the C-Level

Attracting and Retaining Clients using Mobile Devices


You see it everywhere you go – people on their mobile devices and not just talking, but checking their messages, searching the web for information and texting to communicate. Chances are that they are your customers so communicate with them the way they do. Business owners and marketing directors, find out what 84% of your clients want from you. Get the latest information about mobile marketing and how to use it to drive more prospects to your business to make more money.

Key Points

  • Understanding Mobile Marketing
  • Why mobile is the fastest growing marketing channel
  • 3 keys to an effective text message campaign
  • Monetizing your mobile campaigns
  • Meaningful messaging in text format
  • Understand the power of SMS, MMS, Push Notifications, QR codes and Location based services to attract buyers

Personal Branding

Top 10 do's and don'ts to Becoming a Thought Leader


This presentation is designed for Executives considering transition, thought leaders interested in growing their digital presence, and those launching their book or speaking engagements. If you are ready to be seen as an industry leader and sought after for your knowledge and experience, this presentation is for you. Learn how you can expand your personal brand to become a thought leader, distinguish yourself in your industry and rapidly grow your contacts and connections. 

Key Points

  • 5 steps to launching your personal brand
  • Refining your personal brand message
  • What Digital Marketing Channels should you use?
  • Finding and succeeding at speaking engagements

Colorado Companies Succeeding in Clean Tech

The top innovations being made in Colorado’s clean tech space


This presentation is designed for those interested in learning more about hot tech trends from Colorado Entrepreneurs that investors are pouring money into. Even as oil prices plummet, discover how Colorado companies are changing the landscape in electric vehicles, Electric drives for commercial vehicles and power generation to keep investors interests piqued. 

Key Points

  • Top clean tech innovations in the state
  • Clean tech investors-who’s investing and how much?
  • Economic impact of clean tech companies
  • Environmental impact of clean technology

Just a few of the events Patrice has spoken at:

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