Taylor Made Solutions

Digital Branding for Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs build their personal brand along with their new company brand
Personal Branding for Executives
Executive Career Management starts with your personal brand
Executives In Transition
Cut your Transition time by 50% or more
Career ConX App
Grow your Executive Network, Automate your custom outreach to your top 100 most important Connections

What does it take to excel in rapidly changing markets?

Elevate and separate your personal brand and your companies digital brand with:
  • Clearly defined purpose
  • Disruptive thinking
  • Agility

Executive Personal Branding

Building your personal brand is not just about your resume anymore. We provide the best tools in today’s executive market place.

Executives In Transition Programs

Partnering with Executives in transition, privately held firms and the industry associations that support them.

Career Con-X

A personal CRM app that takes all of our expertise in building relationships and maintaining networks in the palm of your hand.


A Few Words from Our Fans

Our Clients...

Include Executives in Fortune 500 Companies ready to build their personal brands as well as  CEOs and Owners of SMBs and scale-up companies in business for 3 years or more, creating $500k-$10M annual revenues in emerging tech, financial services, manufacturing, health care, renewable energy and mobile apps, IT software, hardware.
These clients report growth in their online footprint, increased conversion rates, improved customer retention, and improved team engagement.

Taylor Made Solutions (TMS) uses a data driven approach to show you what’s working, what’s not and how to grow your brand.