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Lessons on Unleashing Revenue Hidden in CRM (Client Relations Management)

In the era of multiple communication choices, being heard and achieving maximum impact are critical keys to financial success. At the Revenue North Business Growth Summit, with over 1400 registrants, Patrice Barber CEO of CXM Digital Marketing Group was invited to present innovative strategies for inbound marketing using CRM to CONNECT with ideal prospects, CONVERT them to customers and CULTIVATE happy repeat clients.

The presentation “Unleash The Revenue Hidden In Your CRM” focused on the unique approach of bringing marketing into an interactive process with sales that results in the sales team calling upon warm leads, fully replacing cold calling as experienced in traditional sales. The results shared in the presentation were from several case studies and centered on dramatically reducing the cost of acquisition of new prospects to less than $0.45, increasing conversion rates of the sales team from traditional rates of 10-20 %, up to 45-50%, with a side benefit of increasing customer retention. The emphasis of increasing profitability by leveraging low cost strategies to create warm leads across five digital marketing channels were explored in detail.

At the core of the results and the program Barber presented is the CRM (Client Relations Management) tool and the ability to create highly integrated marketing messaging that intertwines with sales to deliver superior follow-up when CRM is implemented and tracked consistently. CXM Digital Marketing continues to break barriers and create new horizons with its unique programs assisting small to medium businesses in their digital marketing goals. In a mind-expanding environment, Barber shared the unique and interwoven strategies from CXM Digital Marketing’s team and client case studies to assist in engaging online connections and website visitors with Content Marketing, Social Media Promotion, and Mobile Marketing. 

About CXM Digital Marketing Group

Headed by founder and CEO Patrice Barber, CXM Digital Marketing Group is an international inbound marketing firm that creates winning strategies for social, digital, and content marketing to increase brand-awareness, online conversion, and client retention. The Denver-based firm incorporates monthly e-marketing services with a cloud-based integrated marketing platform to connect marketing to sales for increased conversion. Over half their clients increase online reach by 25 to 100 percent within a few months.


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