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Legal Consulting Firm Selects CXM Digital Marketing Group

CXM Digital Marketing Group, a fast growing, digital marketing company, has entered into an agreement with MediPro Solutions LLC., a medical legal consulting firm. MediProSolutions provides high quality and timely litigation support and expert witness services to attorneys or other professionals in need of medical support.

According to the agreement, CXM Digital Marketing will provide creative, compelling content management, inbound marketing, sales lead management services using the MOSAIC. This innovative approach and platform connects marketing to sales leads for this client’s sales teams to receive warm sales leads that are much more likely to purchase. The MOSAIC houses and facilitates a variety of digital marketing campaigns including:

  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Email campaigns
  • Content and Blog Marketing Campaign
  • PR campaign

CXM's clients receive revenue producing strategies for inbound marketing, promotional campaigns, monthly content marketing services, and an analytics dashboard to track inbound marketing leads, sales, social media, email marketing, and website engagement.

About MediPro Solutions

MediPro Solutions, LLC, is a medical legal consulting firm providing comprehensive litigation support and expert medical witness services to attorneys or other professionals in need of medical legal support. MediPro is dedicated to providing both plaintiff and defense attorneys with the perfect physician consultant or physician expert medical witness for testifying.

Services include Medical Record Analysis, Evaluation of a Case for Merit, Medical Research and Literature Searches as well as Attorney Education and Trial Support.

As a practicing specialist and award-winning Doctor in Internal Medicine,Honor A. Schoech, founder of MediPro Solutions, possesses a distinct passion for her career in medicine and has a heart for justice, both for the victims of medical malpractice and physicians unjustly accused.

About CXM Digital Marketing Group

CXM Digital Marketing Group, an international inbound marketing firm, creates winning strategies for social, digital, and content marketing to increase brand awareness, online conversion, and client retention. The team consults small and mid-size business owners, marketing directors, and executive leaders across three continents. The Denver based firm incorporates monthly e-marketing services with a cloud-based integrated marketing platform to connect marketing to sales for increased conversion. Over half their clients increase online reach by 25 to 100% within a few months.


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