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Kelley's Heroes List of KNUS selects CXM Digital Marketing Group

New program highlights businesses that give back to Colorado

CXM Digital Marketing Group, a fast growing, digital marketing company, is proud to announce an agreement with one of Colorado’s most beloved broadcasters, Steve Kelley of Kelley and Company on KNUS radio, the force behind Kelley’s Heroes List. The influential list is made up of certified quality businesses and owners who give back to the community.  Each qualifying business owner is highlighted and included in the consumer focused online directory while they and their charity is featured to the 1000’s of listeners on KNUS radio .

According to the agreement, CXM Digital Marketing Group will provide creative, compelling content management, inbound marketing, sales lead management services using the MOSAIC. This innovative approach and platform connects marketing to sales leads for this client’s sales teams to receive warm sales leads that are much more likely to purchase. The MOSAIC platform houses and facilitates a variety of digital marketing campaigns including:

  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Email campaigns
  • Content and Blog Marketing Campaign
  • PR campaign

CMX's clients receive revenue producing strategies for inbound marketing, promotional campaigns, monthly content marketing services, and an analytics dashboard to track inbound marketing leads, sales, social media, email marketing, and website engagement.

Kelley’s Heroes List is a Denver Based firm using the power of radio and internet to provide its member companies with referrals that “Go The Extra Mile”to give back to the community. Consumers receive the benefit of selecting from a list of local honest service providers who give back honestly. These hand selected businesses give back in a principled manner which is verified prior to acceptance.
Kelley’s Heroes List selected CXM Digital Marketing Group to provide creative go-to marketing strategies to launch Kelley’s Heroes List. This innovative concept is like Angie’s list or Tom Martino with a tug at your HEART strings.

The key to Kelley’s Heroes List rapid growth is the deep down desire that most consumers have to do business with companies that are honest and offer a fair “deal.” But often the choice between one plumber or another comes down to something more tangible…how they give back. Great companies are those that truly support their communities in an authentic way.

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Headed by founder and CEO Patrice Barber, CXM Digital Marketing Group is an international inbound marketing firm that creates winning strategies for social, digital, and content marketing to increase brand-awareness, online conversion, and client retention. The Denver-based firm incorporates monthly e-marketing services with a cloud-based integrated marketing platform to connect marketing to sales for increased conversion. Over half their clients increase online reach by 25 to 100 percent within a few months.


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