CXM Digital Marketing Partners with Dunn Appraisals to Produce Tangible Business Results


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CXM Digital Marketing Partners with Dunn Appraisals to Produce Tangible Business Results

CXM Digital Marketing Group, a fast-growing, Denver-based digital marketing company, and Dunn Appraisals, the most recognized name in Denver metro real estate valuation for over twenty years, are pleased to present some of the results of their successful collaboration.

Dunn Appraisals sought the expertise of CXM to expand its outreach and pursue Denver-area realty agents as prospective clients. Through a combination of various marketing methods including content marketing, email marketing to a purchased list, and social media marketing via a comprehensive Linkedin strategy, CXM is pleased to announce the following results for their client: 

  • A compelling email campaign was crafted by CXM and sent to five purchased lists. The campaign was opened by a total of 1,980 recipients, a 36% open rate. (The average open rate for purchased lists is usually 1-2 percent.)
  • Of the 1,980 recipients who opened the marketing email, a large number of click-throughs resulted in a major increase in traffic to the Dunn Appraisal website, from 89 to 1,469 visitors per month in 3 months.
  • The ongoing Linkedin campaign has resulted in 20 new connections for the firm per month, including six new opportunities with ideal, targeted potential clients in the first two months.
  • A Google Adwords campaign paired with landing pages resulted in 7.14% conversion rate.

About Dunn Appraisals: The highly regarded firm provides a wide variety of valuation products, from traditional URAR summary reports to limited scope valuations.  Since 1993, Dunn has valued over 21,000 properties (specializing in Single Family Homes, Condominiums, Townhomes, New Constructions, Investment Property and Land Valuations) in the metro Denver area.  To learn more about Dunn Appraisals, visit their website here:

About CXM: Headed by founder and CEO Patrice Barber, CXM Digital Marketing Group is an international inbound marketing firm that creates winning strategies for social, digital, and content marketing to increase brand-awareness, online conversion, and client retention. The Denver-based firm incorporates monthly e-marketing services with a cloud-based integrated marketing platform to connect marketing to sales for increased conversion. Over half their clients increase online reach by 25 to 100 percent within a few months.