Bringing Clean Tech Startup Hundreds of New Leads, CXM Digital Marketing Leverages Innovative Inbound Marketing for Fresh Cow Manager


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Bringing Clean Tech Startup Hundreds of New Leads, CXM Digital Marketing Leverages Innovative Inbound Marketing for Fresh Cow Manager

CXM Digital Marketing Group is proud to have partnered with Fresh Cow Manager (FCM), an innovative Colorado clean tech startup. Concerned with the rapid growth of the planet’s population and the difficulty in keeping up with raising enough food, FCM's mission is to increase the health and production for dairy and beef animals with the use of a new device. Unlike anything on the market today, this device uses non-­harmful electrical pulses to stimulate the nervous system of the cow to naturally increase activity and eating; once a cow’s own caloric needs are met, the extra intake goes directly toward milk production.  When consumption in Fresh cows increases, the immune system recovers faster, the severity of health issues is reduced, milk production increases, and reproductive receptivity improves.  This technology also has the potential to decrease the number of cows needed to produce current milk output, thereby decreasing methane output.

As a clean tech startup company, Fresh Cow Manager required branding, an online presence, and targeted leads. To assist this innovative startup, CXM provided the following services:

  • Created integrated digital and event strategies
  • Setup lead capture forms
  • Integrated a social media campaign
  • Conducted keyword research for SEO
  • Implemented a public relations campaign
  • Created articles and white papers

Results in the first ninety days included:

  • 71 new Facebook connections
  • Over 300 new Twitter followers
  • 250 new Linkedin connections
  • 2 email campaigns completed, creating over 250 new contact
  • 3 Press Releases announcing FCM’s awards and accomplishments

About Fresh Cow Manager

Fresh Cow Manager is a clean tech startup addressing a few critical issues of our time – population growth means less land for agriculture, more mouths to feed, an even greater need for reduced emissions, all while addressing the growing demand for higher quality food for all of us to eat.  FCM was named the Rocky Mountain Cleantech Open 2014 Sustainability Winner as well as a National Cleantech Open Finalist as well as a 2014 Dairy Herd Management Innovation Award Winner.

For more information about Fresh Cow Manager, vist:

About CXM

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