CXM Digital Marketing Brings ​Lucrative​ New Leads and Fresh Digital Branding ​to Bundlebands Industries


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CXM Digital Marketing Brings ​Lucrative​ New Leads and Fresh Digital Branding ​to Bundlebands Industries

CXM Digital Marketing Group, a progressive digital marketing agency, and Bundlebands Industries have signed an agreement to enhance Bundlebands online presence, bring in new targeted leads, and create new clients.

Bundlebands Industries, led by owner Phil Hoyos, has chosen CXM’s Thought Leader services, which enhances a CEO’s reputation as a thought leader in his or her industry through speaking engagements and contributed articles. CXM will develop a speaker kit, then engage their active connections to event planners to find speaking engagements that reach the speaker’s desired audience. They will also provide content generation services, including creating newsworthy items and submitting them to local and national publications.

Other services for Bundlebands will include targeted email campaigns, social media campaigns and engagement, online lead capture, sales lead management, and a new, improved website including a shopping cart to take orders and payments.


About Bundlebands

Bundlebands Industries sells two products to affordably and simply organize an office: The Bundleband and the Clipper Tag. Bundlebands are the world’s best file rubber band to organize bulky files, bundles of files, and all important records within your department. Clipper Tags are identification Tags for Blueprints, Building Plans, Maps, Drawings.


About CXM

Headed by founder and CEO Patrice Barber, CXM Digital Marketing Group is an international inbound marketing firm that creates winning strategies for social, digital, and content marketing to increase brand-awareness, online conversion, and client retention. The Denver-based firm incorporates monthly e-marketing services with a cloud-based integrated marketing platform to connect marketing to sales for increased conversion. Over half their clients increase online reach by 25 to 100 percent within a few months.