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Biz Girls Find Track To Success Mentoring Is Key To The Magic

It is common knowledge that teenagers are often challenged about their futures. One teen decided to meet the problem straight on. Remy Carter, a junior in Berthoud heard about a program that helped young women establish their own business. The junior to be was intrigued with what the Biz Girls program had to offer. Five intensive days of business training with the goal of a completed business plan and a functioning on-line e-commerce business sounded like a good plan to the high school student. Helping sort out and focus on her future was a challenge Carter welcomed. She had an interest in business and writing and here was an opportunity.

The program also included product development, market evaluation, developing a brand and setting up Social Media programs. After completing the program, Carter  took part in the mentoring program through Biz Girls. She met with Patrice Barber, President and CEO of CXM Digital Marketing Group, who is a successful and well-known entrepreneur. Barber, who served as a mentor for other businesses through TIE Rockies award winning mentoring program( a chapter of TIE Global which supports entrepreneurs in 52 countries) and a pitch coach for the Rockies Venture Club, was looking forward to helping young women find their own strengths and power.“She (Patrice) helped me understand technicalities, target markets and laws related to a business. “ Carter said of her mentoring experience. “She pointed out realities and taught me things about what I might do.”

Mentor Patrice Barber met the goals she had set for their first meeting. “I spoke with Remy at her first mentoring session. We came away with a new product offering to help her resolve the current challenge of people not completing their books.” “Remy also started a literary club ( )at her school which provides an online magazine publication which Remy edits. Her biggest challenge is marketing and establishing credibility along with a brand promise.” Remy Carter, who takes classes at the high school level with college credit, continues managing her company. She provides editing, grammar content and framing a journalistic piece and continues her efforts in providing book services.

“Teenagers don’t have money to waste,” Carter said of running her own business. Remy Carter continues to learn the lessons of business ownership at a young age. The mentoring is a key component. Remy Carter’s journey into the business world is one to watch.


BizGirls is a five day, intense hands-on program of business training. Developing a business plan and a functioning e-commerce business are the major goals.

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