Inbound Marketing Insights

Inbound Marketing Insights

Simple Inbound Marketing Tips that Can Lead B2B Businesses to Success

Inbound marketing has undoubtedly grown in the past few years but some business-to-business marketers remain skeptical about it. Perhaps the success they found from the tried-and-tested strategy of outbound marketing is making them hesitant to move away from this practice and onto inbound marketing. Every B2B business, however, can reap more success with effective inbound marketing.


Some Surprising Statistics

Inbound marketing involves the creation of remarkable content that will not only answer prospective clients’ questions, but will also help improve the site’s rankings on search engine return pages. Once your business gets the attention and respect of your audience through good content, you can then build a relationship that will encourage your prospects to promote or refer your business to other potential clients.

If you’re still skeptical about how powerful inbound marketing can get, consider this: in a study made by HubSpot among various marketers, the respondents said inbound marketing generated  54 percent more leads for their business than traditional marketing. It was also found that inbound tactics usually generate the lowest cost-per-lead, while providing relevant content produces more high-quality leads.

Begin with In-Depth Content

How can your B2B business start with inbound marketing? Begin by producing in-depth articles, something that both Google and readers would love. In fact, longer posts tend to rank higher on search results page and gain more shares on social media. By providing highly relevant and interesting content, your company will definitely stand out.

Integrate the “Rule of Seven”

The traditional marketing idea of the “Rule of Seven” is that businesses will need seven interactions with a lead before introducing a product or service. This concept can also be integrated in your inbound marketing strategy by creating a workflow of seven interactions built around the first encounter with a prospect. You can achieve this more easily by using marketing automation.

Optimize Your High-Traffic Posts

Take the time to look back on your most popular blog posts and view them from an inbound marketing perspective. Determine which pieces of content bring the most traffic each month, and look how these posts are formed and designed. These posts, in turn, can be transformed into your very own lead-generating machines.

Improve on Your Site’s Page Speed and Load Time

Finally, provide a better experience for your clients by improving your website’s page speed and load time. Remember that Google factors a website’s speed into its rankings, so don’t neglect this simple improvement tip.

With the help of Denver marketing firms like CXM Digital Marketing Group, you can fully optimize the benefits of inbound marketing, and find marketing success where it matters most these days: the Internet.


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