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Biz Girls Find Track To Success Mentoring Is Key To The Magic 19-Dec-2013

It is common knowledge that teenagers are often challenged about their futures. One teen decided to meet the problem straight on. Remy Carter, a junior in Berthoud heard about a program that helped young women establish their own business.

Bringing Clean Tech Startup Hundreds of New Leads, CXM Digital Marketing Leverages Innovative Inbound Marketing for Fresh Cow Manager 10-Sep-2014

CXM Digital Marketing Group is proud to have partnered with Fresh Cow Manager, an innovative Colorado startup. Concerned with the rapid growth of the planet’s population and the difficulty in keeping up with raising enough food, Fresh Cow Manager's mission is to increase the health and production for dairy and beef animals with the use of a new device.

Clean Tech Startup Data Markets, Inc. ​Enters Agreement with CXM Digital Marketing​ for New Revenue-Producing Strategies​ 19-Nov-2014

CXM Digital Marketing Group, a Denver-based digital marketing company with extensive ties to and expertise in clean-tech firms, is pleased to announce they have entered into an agreement with Data Markets Inc. (DMI), a clean tech startup and semi-finalist in the Rocky Mountain Cleantech Open Competition.

Colorado Business Bank Enters Agreement with CXM Digital Marketing to Expand Client Base, Managed Leads 14-Oct-2014

CXM Digital Marketing Group, a rapidly-growing online marketing agency, is pleased to announce an agreement with Colorado Business Bank (CoBiz Financial) to assist the bank in generating new leads and turning them into profitable client relationships.

CXM Digital Marketing Brings ​Lucrative​ New Leads and Fresh Digital Branding ​to Bundlebands Industries 26-Feb-2015

CXM Digital Marketing Group, a progressive digital marketing agency, and Bundlebands Industries have signed an agreement to enhance Bundlebands' online presence, bring in new targeted leads, and create new clients.

CXM Digital Marketing Group supports Small Business in Selling to the Federal Government 02-Dec-2013

Patrice Barber, President of CXM Digital Marketing Group and COO of TiE Rockies, announces her support as a Silver Sponsor of TiE Rockies half-day seminar, Successful Federal Business Development Strategies for Colorado Companies, taking place on Tuesday, April 23, 2013, 8:00am - 1:00pm, at the Innovation Pavilion Event Center in Centennial, CO.

CXM Digital Marketing Partners with Dunn Appraisals to Produce Tangible Business Results 15-Jul-2015

CXM Digital Marketing Group, a fast-growing, Denver-based digital marketing company, and Dunn Appraisals, the most recognized name in Denver metro real estate valuation for over twenty years, are pleased to present some of the results of their successful collaboration.

CXM Digital Marketing Reports Impressive Results for Their Construction Cost-Estimating Services Client, Vermeulens 20-Jul-2015

Vermeulens, a leading construction-cost estimating service based in California, opened a new Colorado office and sought to increase traffic to their website, increase their online presence, and pull in new leads leading to new contracts.

Denver eMarketing Company Supports Young Female Entrepreneurs 12-Nov-2013

Being a young female entrepreneur brings with it built-in challenges such as knowing and understanding the holistic process of establishing a business.

ESPY Marketing Forges Partnership with CXM Digital Marketing Group to Generate New Leads and New Engagement 07-Jan-2015

CXM Digital Marketing Group, a rapidly-growing digital marketing agency, has signed an agreement with Espy Marketing, a local Denver firm that offers various types of strategic marketing services to small to medium sized businesses and non-profit organizations.

Financial Executives International Selects CXM Digital Marketing Group Association Management to Increase Membership and Visibility 09-May-2015

CXM Digital Marketing Group, a rapidly-growing digital marketing agency, has signed an agreement with Financial Executives International (FEI) Colorado chapter. FEI’s goals include increasing their membership by increasing visibility to partnering organizations and scholarships organizations.

Global Development Analytics, Inc Expands Public Awareness for World Hunger Initiatives-CXM selected to launch campaigns 17-Jun-2014

CXM Digital Marketing and Global Development Analytics (GDA) have partnered up to expand brand awareness and public knowledge of the important work in solving world hunger the non-profit organization is engaged in.

Kelley's Heroes List of KNUS selects CXM Digital Marketing Group 17-Feb-2014

CXM Digital Marketing Group, a fast growing, digital marketing company, is proud to announce an agreement with one of Colorado’s most beloved broadcasters, Steve Kelley of Kelley and Company on KNUS radio, the force behind Kelley’s Heroes List.

Legal Consulting Firm Selects CXM Digital Marketing Group 07-Feb-2014

CXM Digital Marketing, a fast growing, digital marketing company, has entered into an agreement with MediPro Solutions LLC., a medical legal consulting firm. MediProSolutions provides high quality and timely litigation support and expert witness services to attorneys or other professionals in need of medical support.

Lessons on Unleashing Revenue Hidden in CRM (Client Relations Management) 12-Nov-2013

In the era of multiple communication choices, being heard and achieving maximum impact are critical keys to financial success.

Patrice Barber Interviewed on w3w3 radio 02-Jul-2013

Larry interviewed Patrice Barber, CEO of CXM Digital Marketing Group, a national speaker and award winning business automation consultant who has worked with over 35 Fortune 500 corporations and hundreds of entrepreneurs.

Rockies Venture Club Funds Over $1M With Investor Pitch Coaches 14-Apr-2012

Rockies Venture Club selected Patrice Barber; President of CXM Digital Marketing Group as one of their Pitch Coaches to mentor Entrepreneurs seeking funding. Rockies Venture..

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